Trojan horse – Braunschweig/Stendal

Stuttgart, Braunschweig, Bonn and Stendal (=current location)
Scope of work:
Holzbau + Stahlarbeiten (Herstellung inkl. Statik)
Contract amount:
<= 200k EUR
Project management:
Work preparation:


dream and reality

The replica of the Trojan Horse is five stories high, 30 people fit into his belly.

The world’s largest replica of the Trojan Horse – initiated and commissioned by the City of Braunschweig – has been successful: In the Fire Station Braunschweig, with the help of a crane employees of the Carpentry Schaper (a company from Braunschweig) hoisted the back together with its flanks and head up to the final height of eight meters and fixed it with high strength steel bolts (diameter: 20 mm). As the last detail the five meters long tail was added.

The entire building time took about one month. The steel skeleton of the huge animal was covered with about 500 square meters of planks of larch wood with a thickness of 22 millimeters, adding more than 26 square meters for the pedestal base and the floor in the belly with a thickness of 36 millimeters. With a height of 15.5 meters and a length of 13 meters, it takes an estimated weight of 45 tons, and thus it was recorded successfully as the world’s largest replica in the Guinness Book of Records.

His belly has room for 30 people, just as its fabulous role model. Two spiral staircases (diameter: 1.60 m) in the front legs with 36 levels each ensure entry and exit. After a successful trial assembly the animal was taken apart again, packed on eight trucks and transported to Stuttgart. Today the horse found its final location on the grounds of the Winckelmann-Gesellschaft in Stendal, where it is used as a venue.


  • design : Martin Müller and Michael Zeyfang, Berlin
  • static calculation: Gerd-Walter Miske, Berlin
  • assembly: Carpentry Schaper, Braunschweig, Steel Construction Klauenberg, Braunschweig
  • transport: Trucking Wandt, Braunschweig