Timber engineering

You have questions about the most economical solution for your design in wood? We have got answers!

Are you looking for a powerful, reliable partner? If so, please test us! Our 100 year old company has a treasure of experience and a focus on quality and long-lasting customer relationships. We have been working for many years in this market and realised many projects. In addition to the participation in the Expo-Roof, in particular the roller coasters have to be mentioned, that we built in the last couple of years, among those the fastest and currently the second largest wooden roller coaster in the world, Colossos – Wooden Coaster in Heide-Park Soltau. At references for timber enginering you can find for example the Wiesmann-Gecko or the latest project: the first Timbertower. We were resonsible for the assembly. Don’t hesitate to ask your contact persons for timber engineering.

If you want to build a roof structure or a hall system, it is our service to offer you a solution, that is based on economic aspects and can be implemented either conventionally or with nail plate timber trusses. A combination of both systems is often very interesting. We hope, the above mentioned references show, that we enjoy finding solutions for “offbeat” tasks.

In our cutting center we manufacture for over 20 years – fully computer-based – on a CNC-Hundegger-machine (K2 with 5-axes), on our De-Pauw-cutting-saw (computer-based, too) and on our very new computer-based cutting-saw Hundegger Speedcut SC3-200. Precision is part of our daily work. The work preparation is done with “Cadwork” – also for over 10 years, of course.


some selected key points of our service package:

  • Fixing material with a precise list of connections – provides security at the building site
  • All timber parts are generally chamfered – the annoying splintering is avoided.
  • All components are numbered and indicated on the assembly drawings with number and location.
  • Precise sectional drawings
  • As a service for the assembly purlins, sole plates and head plates are provided with markings for the position of rafters / jack rafters.
  • Eave wedges in various forms
  • Steel constructions in every type and design – we coordinate the execution, do the work preparation (construction drawings for the steel manufacturer) – you get the entire project from one hand.
  • Gable elements with prefabricated wooden façade
  • Balconies with prefabricated railings
  • Prefabricated dormer frames and of course complete elements
  • We guarantee fastest and trouble-free handling and will stricly adhere to deadlines for the execution.

Perhaps you simply find out about our range of services or look at some examples of our work plans. If you have questions or would like to have a sample quote, please contact Ulf Cordes. He tells you about the exact process, ensures that you receive rapidly an offer or just talks to you about the various options.