We take responsibility

Ecological sustainability. Economic sustainability. Social sustainability.

Ecological sustainability is particularly important to us. A good example of this is our innovative wood chip heating system, which enables us to heat our buildings efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way using our own production waste. This not only reduces our CO2 emissions, but also actively contributes to conserving natural resources.

In addition to ecological responsibility, we also attach great importance to economic sustainability. Our employees have the opportunity to participate in the Cordes Mitarbeiter Beteiligungs GmbH on a tax-free basis every year. This company invests specifically in machines and vehicles to advance our corporate development. At the same time, it strives to support the individual retirement provision of our employees, which is a central element of our social sustainability philosophy.

Natural, renewable material

Trees are a renewable raw material and permanently absorb large quantities of climate-damaging CO2 as they grow. This makes wood an invaluable resource for both people and the planet. The wood we use comes from local forests where more trees grow than can be harvested.

Ecological production

The production of timber components consumes less energy than the construction of a conventional house. Moreover, wood is recyclable. Our buildings are heated with a wood chip heating system using our own waste from the production process.

Wooden houses for eternity

There are many wooden buildings that are several hundred years old and are still in active use. Your wooden building built by us will provide you and future generations with a warm and safe home.