Just apply.

We are always happy to receive active support – and to receive your application. You have the freedom to choose: whether on your own initiative, in response to a job description or even here online. The process is then quite similar and described below.

Simply apply online


Application documents

You can simply fill out the fields on the right and upload your application documents (cover letter, CV, certificates and anything else you think is important) in one PDF file by clicking on the “Select file” button. As an alternative to the cover letter, you can also use the “Message” section to briefly tell us why you are interested in the job and why you are suitable for it.



Whatever our decision, you will always receive a message from us – usually within a week. We send most feedback by e-mail. However, we may also call you from time to time.


Getting to know each other

If everything goes well, we will meet for an interview soon. This gives us the opportunity to get to know each other, compare our wishes and expectations – and talk about possible next steps.



It’s not our style to keep you fidgeting for too long. That’s why we try to give you a date during the interview by which we will have made a decision. If you have knocked our socks off, this can sometimes be quicker. But sometimes it takes a little longer, for example because a managing director is on vacation or the day-to-day business requires our full attention.

Online Application (#4)