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The majority of our employees are trained in-house and then, if necessary, accompanied until they become master craftsmen. We consider further training to be very important to ensure that each and every one of us is always up to date with the latest developments in our profession. Our flexibility and versatility have ensured job security for our employees in the past, which has been rewarded with a very low fluctuation rate.

That’s how it works for us

We have been offering carpentry apprenticeships for a long time. The job description of a carpenter is modern and versatile, combining traditional craftsmanship with advanced high-tech knowledge. The carpenter has a broad professional field of activity. If you like working with your hands and your head as well as indoors at the PC and outdoors in the fresh air, you are in good hands in the carpentry trade and have the best prospects for the future. Please feel free to contact Ulf Cordes directly.

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2-wöchiges Praktikum

Before starting an apprenticeship, we recommend an approx. two-week construction site internship to form a good basis for this important decision.


Construction technical school

After successfully completing their internship, our apprentices first complete the construction technical school, a one-year course at the vocational school, which counts as the first year of the apprenticeship. This is requirement is only eliminated if you have completed your Abitur and have therefore completed compulsory schooling.


After the technical school

The apprenticeship contract becomes valid after successful completion of the technical college, runs for the second and third year of the apprenticeship and ends with the journeyman’s examination.