Our history

More than 100 years of Cordes history.

Ulf Cordes

Seit dem 1.4.1994 ist mit Ulf Cordes die 4. Generation im Unternehmen vertreten. Seit 1997 leitet er zunächst gemeinsam mit seinem Vater Heinrich Cordes (III) den Betrieb. Seit dem 1.1.2013 hat er die alleinige Geschäftsführung.

Heinrich Cordes III

Am 1.1. 1971 übernahm dann Heinrich Cordes III im Alter von 29 Jahren endgültig das Unternehmen.

Heinrich Cordes  (II)

Im Jahre 1933 übernahm Heinrich Cordes (II) im Alter von 29 Jahren als ältester Sohn die Zimmerei und das Sägewerk

Heinrich Cordes  (I)

Am 1. Juni 1905 gründete Heinrich Cordes (I) im Alter von 21 Jahren in Waffensen eine Tischlerei.


Tag der offenen Tür

1.500 Gäste am Tag der offenen Tür anlässlich der Einweihung unserer neuen Fertigungshalle

Einige Bilder vom Tag – vielen Dank an Achim Zielke von der Fa. Textify

Mit vielen Gästen konnte am 13.4.2019 die Einweihung unserer neuen Halle gefeiert werden. Besondern begehrt waren die gefrästen Bauteile von unserem neuen Homag CNC-Fräszentrum. Der Umsatz von immerhin ca. 1.400 € wird ohne Abzug der Kosten für die Arbeit der Klinikclowns im Rotenburger Diakoniekrankenhaus gespendet. Aber auch die beiden Hundegger-CNC Zuschnittanlagen wurden im Rahmen der stündlichen Führungen mit regem Interesse besichtigt.


German Timber Construction Award 2013

Rotenburg timber construction company Cordes honoured with the German Timber Construction Award 2013
The German Timber Construction Award is the most important award for wooden buildings and is awarded every two years.

on picture (from left to right): Gregor Prass, general manager TimberTower, Holger Giebel, general manager TimberTower, Ulf Cordes, general manager Cordes Holzbau, Prof. Edwin Kohl, owner TimberTower, Ullrich Huth, chairman Holzbau Deutschland (Jury), Sabine Djahanschah, Deutsche Bundestiftung Umwelt (Jury), Prof. Hermann Kaufmann, architect (leader of Jury)

Hannover, 07.05.2013 – Cordes Holzbau was honoured with the German Timber Construction Award in the category “Components and Concepts”. It was awarded for a wind power plant in the megawatt range, a prototype tower in Hanover.

To the speech of the jury: The unique design takes a quite exceptional position in the field of wind turbine generator systems. After years of planning the engineers succeeded in an impressing way to represent the competitiveness of timber compared to the competition.

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Inauguration of the first TimberTower

TimberTower – the first wooden tower of a megawatt wind turbine, Vensys 1.5 megawatts on 100 m hub height.

Since December 20, 2012 for the first time a megawatt wind turbine generates electricity on top of a wooden tower. The Hanoverian developers team TimberTower took the 100 meter high prototype tower with the nacelle of a Vensys 1.5 megawatt (MW) wind turbine on top in operation, after four years of development and protracted approval time. In the future TimberTower will help to reduce the price of wind power plants with far larger towers – and open up places for small wind farms, which weren’t lucrative so far.

2.5 million EUR of venture capital and 600,000 EUR of financial support of the county compared to total costs of 5 million EUR for research and development, weight: 200 tons, 400 cubic meters of spruce wood, prefabricated in Austria to special components, though from Scandinavian trees. These are the bare data of the wind turbine tower on an university-owned ground in the north-west of Hanover.

Wood prices held steady

The tower is made of board plywood, fabricated to flat wooden wall components of 3000 mm width und 15000 mm length. They consist of planks glued in several successive layers, right-angled to each other. The effect, as with any plywood: The 300 mm thick tower walls can not deform under humidity or dryness and will be particularly stable.

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European Star Award - Best Wooden Roller Coaster

For the first time gave Europe’s leading trade magazine, the Fair & Park Revue, the independent European Star Award – an award specifically for the European theme park industry in 2012. Colossos was honored as the winner and European best wooden roller coaster.


German Timber Construction Award 2011

Rotenburg timber company Cordes Holzbau awarded the German Timber Construction Award 2011
German Timber Construction Award is the most prestigious award for wooden buildings and is awarded every two years

Hannover, 09.06.2011 – The timber construction company from Rotenburg – Cordes Holzbau – has been awarded the German Timber Construction Award in the category “new buldings”. Cordes built a timber house on Scharmützel in Brandenburg, which impressed the jury with renowned architects. This was announced by the promoter of the prize, Holzbau Deutschland in Berlin. The awards ceremony takes place on 31 May 2011 at the World Fair for the Forestry and Wood Industries, LIGNA in Hanover. The German Timber Construction Award 2011 applies in the Federal Republic as the most important award for buildings from the regional and renewable raw material wood were largely built.

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The full competition results document timber Germany on his website www.deutscher-holzbaupreis.de. For more information about timber Germany – German Bund carpenter the Central Association of the German Construction Industry can be found here: www.holzbau-deutschland.de


Colossos - wooden roller coaster - Heide-Park Soltau

December 09, 2002

Bei Holzachterbahnen stehen wir voll im Thema: Seit dem 13.4.2001 ist im Heide-Park Soltau ein genauso spektakuläres wie interessantes Objekt im Betrieb: die zweitgrösste Holzachterbahn der Welt! Die kompletten Holzbauarbeiten wurden dabei durch Ing.-Holzbau Cordes erbracht. Die Bahn erstreckt sich über eine Ausdehnung von immerhin 600x400m.

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Admission of Ulf Cordes

Since 1.4.1994 is Ulf Cordes in the company, representing the 4. Generation und and since 1997 the head of operations together with his father Henry Cordes (III).

Ab 1980

Heinrich Cordes (III) - 1980 and later

In the years after the anniversary of the service area will be significantly increased. The company now has a number of regular customers in the area of ​​NP-ties and also created a supply roof trusses on the now installed Hundegger CNC joinery machine.

Bis 1980

Heinrich Cordes (III) - The time until 1980

In 1971, Heinrich Cordes III took over the company finally at the age of 29 years. At that time, 15 people were employed already. Due to the great demand for timber construction and the additional production of free-standing truss constructions until 1980 the number of employees could be increased to 32 people.

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1933 - 1970

Heinrich Cordes (II) - The time until 1933 - 1970

In 1933 the company was taken over by Heinrich Cordes (II) at the age of 29 years as eldest son the carpentry and sawmill. Through a land acquisition, the company was relocated to its actual location in 1930. The premises enlarged to 16,500 square meters. Due diligence and skill carpentry and sawmill were steadily developed and expanded. Technical progress was evidenced by the installation of a steam boiler plant to supply energy for the sawmill.

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Heinrich Cordes (I) - Foundation of the Company

On over 100 years of turbulent history, the company Cordes Holzbau looks back. On 1 June 1905, Heinrich Cordes (I) founds at the age of 21 years in Waffensen a carpenter company. During this time, employed the founders of joinery, carpentry and sawmill operations. Moreover, agriculture was still operating. Later by a bicycle shop and an insurance agency. Then there was the post office with the delivery service. The bicycle trade and insurance agency led the founders to old age of 80.