Turnkey projects

Our base are the timber construction, but now since more than 15 years, we are working through the closed shell out even complete services. Rationale are solid partners. Founded in 1905 as a company, we are of course covered by our guarantee – that only works with strong partners. In summary, the following main areas and customer groups there have emerged:

To give you the many options available for timber frame construction to introduce better physically and figuratively, we offer you the opportunity to visit on request and in consultation with our partners, our samples from inside and outside.

  • local authorities, sports clubs, investors, If you want to carry larger items such as gyms, daycare centers, schools or churches, we are happy also available here. With regard to the scope of services we are very flexible way to general contractor activity.If you want to find out about our services, contact you happy Frerk Lühmann or you should simply read the accompanying report from the Sonderheft-fuer-Kindertagesstaetten. The report says two of us realized projects, each in collaboration with the architectural firm Architekturbüro bmwquadrat/Mr. Claudio Marcello are created. Both projects are also to be found in the references.

An overview of our references in turnkey projects here. All contacts for the turnkey construction will be happy to answer your questions.

Gym concept
building surge

Gym concept

future model-turn multi-purpose hall. Development project of the German Gymnastics Federation (DTB) and the German Society for Wood Research

The German Gymnastics Federation as a leading organization for gymnastics and gymnastics feels towards his over 4.7 million members in more than 20,000 clubs obliged to give new impetus to the development of gymnastics and sports facility construction. Under the “future model-turn multi-purpose hall” has been developed in collaboration with the DGfH, timber sales fund, the German timber industry, the DTB and with experts in the sports practice and sports facilities, a space system with the new paths in the asset-backed expansion, but also in the new future-oriented gyms can be taken.

Core objective of this project initiative is to spread the idea of ​​modular structured system types for sports clubs and Komunen that will expand the traditional type 18032 grid of the sports hall DIN needs adjusted. Regarding the room size for their core uses the newly developed plant types between the DIN-types “and Gymnastics Kampf-/Tanzsportraum” and be classified “Sporthalle 15 mx 27 m.”

types of turn-based multi-purpose hall

Based on the identified needs of future-oriented gym rooms three basic types of turn-multipurpose hall be deemed necessary, so that the traditional standard rooms with DIN 18032 can be both supplemented and partially replaced. The distinguishing features of these three basic types are derived from the needs analyzes of the German Gymnastics Federation. One of the essential qualities of the new system area and the functional compatibility of the individual structural elements of space, so that any combination of the three basic types is possible with each other.

Gymnnastikhalle ("GYM“)

  • main target groups:
    Women, youth, older adults
  • Focus:
    Health sports, dance, gymnastics, relaxation exercises, Asian movement arts,
    Etc. acrobatic / juggling, martial arts and cultural and social events of the clubs.
  • Architectural basic characteristics:
    Halle Similar action space without fixed instrumentation. Changed with little effort in terms of space planning, instrumentation, lighting, acoustics, air quality, color scheme, etc.

kids gym (“KITU”)

  • main target groups:
    Children, parent-child groups, school classes (primary school), kindergartens, psychomotor support groups.
  • Focus:
    Jump / dangling / climbing / swing / slides, etc.; adventure play and movement
  • Architectural Grudmerkmale:
    Versatile variable space and equipment combination for complex motion situations and imaginative stimulating Korger and spatial experiences. Links of traditional and innovative equipment / space structures.

fitness hall (“FIT”)

  • main target groups:
    All ages with a special focus on “young” and “older adults”.
  • Focus:
    Health and relaxation-oriented exercise programs – mainly with the help of fitness equipment. Combinations of sports and leisure facilities with physiotherapist human service programs.
  • reason Architectural Features:
    Diverse combination of fitness equipment and exercise areas (niches gallery areas, ramps, terraces motion). Special atmospheric qualities of space to promote general well-being.

gyms in the tension modified sports and leisure needs

The changing needs of leisure and movement within our society urgently require a major expansion of the normalized and competition-oriented sports facility construction mitz multifunctional play and exercise rooms.
The growth potential of sports activities club, and thus to the space requirement is in the “leisure and health sports” – especially for women and children, and increasingly for the elderly. Already, the member clubs of the DTB, with over three million women in the sports of gymnastics, aerobics and dance, and over two million older people in the sports of gymnastics and aerobics main provider i this development.

In the new states is a significant need, especially for new weather-dependent sport facilities. It must be assumed that the extreme need of rehabilitation status of the existing sports halls and function rooms which contributes to the fact that currently only about 10% of the population are organized in club sports (old Länder 30%). Therefore, the federal government provides special funds for construction desw grassroots sport through the “Golden East Plan” are available. For 2000 these were DM 15 million, which was increased by complementary funding from state and local governments. In addition, sports facilities on the investment promotion law ‘Aufbau Ost’ (IFG) by DM 6.6 billion have been financed.

In the former West Germany under the aspect of changing demand for leisure and health sports mainly to the modernization or expansion of existing sports facilities. The currently applicable guidelines and standards for the planning and construction of school and club sports facilities make mainly a codification of traditional, often as a result of the continuous structural change in sports and Freizeitberiech outdated land use requirements and space requirements dar. Although over the last 10 years in addition was increasingly drawn to the familiar DIN sports hall types to the increasing need for smaller motion halls and multi-purpose rooms in the revised version remained much the additional, non-binding Randbemeerkungen for a detailed list of recommendations for the classic room types of the existing gymnasium building.

Meanwhile, the long-standing demand of the German Gymnastics Federation observations have shown that a new space system in the transition area from the “gym” to “single-Gymnasium” in accordance with DIN 18032, a significant development gap can be closed in sports.

Here, we summarize the qualitative features of the new gym short and sweet for you:

  • future orientation of the space available to the changing sport and exercise needs as well as to the often very different site conditions.
  • creating new cheaper and possibly gradual financially sustainable sport and function rooms for clubs and communities.
  • cost-effective operation of the systems.
  • into account human ecological planning and design system with high proportions of self-help user.
  • Exemplary use of energy systems and building materials in terms of social, environmental and economic efficiency increase (Agenda 21)

usage and space requirements

The association analyzes of the German Gymnastics Federation in recent years have shown that in the future in addition to the existing need for further standard equipment for indoor gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics additional space required for the following usage areas must be considered.

1 Space for aerobics / dance / aerobics

(Especially for girls and women; without fixed units)
  • also suitable for circus arts, Asian movement arts, table tennis;
  • also suitable for school group work.

2 Space for health Sport

(Especially for women and older; without fixed units)
  • also suitable for disabled sports
  • also suitable for Asian movement arts;
  • also suitable for martial arts.

3 Space for children’s gymnastics

(Versatile unit offers, also moving landscapes)
  • also suitable for primary schools;
  • also suitable for a wide range of leisure and sports health, as well as “circus arts”;
  • also suitable for disabled sports, Asian movement arts, martial arts (eg, judo, wrestling), table tennis.

4 Space for fitness / wellness / health

(In the sense of holistic fitness programs of the clubs, no perfectionist ‘devices parks’ commercial character).

building surge

Have you ever thought about a roof increase realized? The company Ing timber Cordes has experience with wood frame building structures for 15 years. Due to the high production level in the work, and the low weight design, we can guarantee a high level of quality and efficiency of our buildings. As a special bonus, we would like the very good physical properties, in particular the average insulation stress. Energy costs can be up to around 20% lower than conventional buildings of solid construction. An interesting aspect certainly for you.

To rehabilitate a leaky or perhaps unused flat roof, there are two ways to rehabilitate quickly and economically.

1 Option: with inner staircase

The flat roof can be covered over with a pitched roof. The slight nail plate construction is finished here angefiefert and built studio with prepared binders. The resulting newly acquired interior is then accessed by an internal staircase to the old living room.

2 Option: with external staircase

Again, the roof is covered over with a pitched roof, and prepared by a nail plate design, built and delivered ready. Acquired by the living room is accessed via a separate externally accessible outside staircase. This can result in a complete additional apartment. Architecturally your house receives thereby an interesting eye-catcher. In addition, the space under the stairs can be used as garaging.