Kugelbake (Ball beacon) – Cuxhaven

Scope of work:
rehabilitation of the basic construction
Contract amount:
< 200k EUR
Project management:
Supervisor of assembly:

The Kugelbake (which is German for “Ball Beacon”) is a historic aid for navigation near the city of Cuxhaven at the northernmost point of Lower Saxony, where the river Elbe flows into the North Sea. In the Low German dialect of the Middle Ages, the term “Bake” referred to all navigational aids – including lighthouses. About 30 meters (100 feet) high and built of wood, the Kugelbake is the principal landmark of Cuxhaven. Since 1913 it has been depicted on the city’s coat of arms. Large wooden structures guiding mariners have stood on this spot for over 300 years. Whereas the anticessor construction served as a lighthouse, the Kugelbake nowadays is just an attraction for tourists and is illuminated at night.

Sun, rain and salt water afflicted Cuxhaven’s landmark for many years. In 2012 major parts of the wooden structure were replaced by our company. It was only this way the Kugelbake could be saved.