Colossos – Wooden roller coaster – Heide-Park Soltau

Heidenhof, 29614 Soltau
Scope of work:
Timber construction (manufacturing and assembly)
Contract amount:
> 2.0m EUR
Project management:
Work preparation:
Supervisor of assembly:


Wooden roller coasters are our subject: Since 13.04.2001 an object as interesting as spectacular is in operation: the second largest wooden roller coaster of the world, situated in the Heide-Park Soltau! Complete timber-works were performed by Cordes Holzbau. The railway stretches over an area of approx. 600x400m.

Facts roller coaster

lift height: 60 m
length: 1.500 m
max. speed: 120 km/h
travel time(incl. lift): 145 s
max. sloop: 61 degrees
max. cross slope: 67 degrees
number of trains: 2
cars per train: 5
number of persons per car: 6
number of persons per train: 30
max. capacaty: 1500 Pers./hour
structure: 3.000 cbm timber
275.000 m
90.000 pieces of wood
20.000 different
fasteners: 80.000 kg screws, Muttern
6.000 kg nails
125.000 kg steel parts (foot anchors, ledgershoes, joist)
foundations: 3.800 cbm concrete
reinforcement: 100.000 kg
earth moving: 120.000 cbm
cost: 45m DM
design and statics: Werner Stengel
technology: Intamin, Switzerland
timber construction: Cordes Holzbau
timber (german pine): Sawmill Harling
inauguration: Easter 2001