7. May 2013

Rotenburg timber construction company Cordes honoured with the German Timber Construction Award 2013
The German Timber Construction Award is the most important award for wooden buildings and is awarded every two years.

on picture (from left to right): Gregor Prass, general manager TimberTower, Holger Giebel, general manager TimberTower, Ulf Cordes, general manager Cordes Holzbau, Prof. Edwin Kohl, owner TimberTower, Ullrich Huth, chairman Holzbau Deutschland (Jury), Sabine Djahanschah, Deutsche Bundestiftung Umwelt (Jury), Prof. Hermann Kaufmann, architect (leader of Jury)

Hannover, 07.05.2013 – Cordes Holzbau was honoured with the German Timber Construction Award in the category “Components and Concepts”. It was awarded for a wind power plant in the megawatt range, a prototype tower in Hanover.

To the speech of the jury: The unique design takes a quite exceptional position in the field of wind turbine generator systems. After years of planning the engineers succeeded in an impressing way to represent the competitiveness of timber compared to the competition. The structural concept is characterized by a modular prefabricated board-plywood, which forms an ideal symbiosis with glued perforated sheets of metal concerning dynamic loads. Expensive heavy load transport is no longer needed – a further evidence of an extremely CO²-low recovery of energy. With this building, the first step into a new market segment has been done successfully. For the future we want the serial production of wind power plants in the megawatt range – of course made of wood!

The German timber price applicable in the Federal Republic as the most important award for building and stood in this year under the auspices of the Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Development, Dr. Peter Ramsauer, Member of Parliament. A jury headed by the Austrian architect Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Hermann Kaufmann chose to work a total of 226 submitted to the winners.

Ulrich Huth, Chairman of wooden Germany – Federal German master carpenter of the Central Association of the German Construction Industry and a member of the jury, said at the ceremony: “The winners, but ultimately all submitted structures represent an extremely positive development of timber construction in Germany as a jury we had the difficult choice from the wide variety of sophisticated new buildings on innovative building renovations to determine up to pioneering developments in the product sector the winners. So I am delighted that we can recruit different building materials for our construction and raw wood with this diversity. “