9. June 2011

Rotenburg timber company Cordes Holzbau awarded the German Timber Construction Award 2011
German Timber Construction Award is the most prestigious award for wooden buildings and is awarded every two years

Hannover, 09.06.2011 – The timber construction company from Rotenburg – Cordes Holzbau – has been awarded the German Timber Construction Award in the category “new buldings”. Cordes built a timber house on Scharmützel in Brandenburg, which impressed the jury with renowned architects. This was announced by the promoter of the prize, Holzbau Deutschland in Berlin. The awards ceremony takes place on 31 May 2011 at the World Fair for the Forestry and Wood Industries, LIGNA in Hanover. The German Timber Construction Award 2011 applies in the Federal Republic as the most important award for buildings from the regional and renewable raw material wood were largely built.

In the statement, the jury said: “The jury drew this gem of view of the diverse and very successful use of the material wood. The construction timber frame construction, which of course withering larch wood shell and especially the interior show the different uses of the material” architect of Holiday house was Doris Schaffler from Berlin. The structural design was carried out by Peter Vokriniek out of Rotenburg.

At the award ceremony, Ullrich Huth, Chairman of Germany timber, timber that Germany wanted to motivate the German Timber Construction Award to build more with the old, but also highly modern wood construction. “Only those who know the variety of timber, can opt for a carbon neutral construction, both in the construction and modernization of a building. Also, the winners of the German Timber Award 2011 will have a signaling effect and encourage imitation. We therefore make an important contribution to achieve the climate targets by 2020 in Germany, significantly increase the rate of timber now 15 percent and doubling the modernization of existing buildings in the aging of past 1% to 2%. ”
The award ceremony took next to the competition organizers Günther Hoffmann, Head of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development. Were honored builders, architects, structural engineers and timber construction companies as the author of the excellent posts. Mitauslober the timber price are the German Federal Environmental Foundation, the German Messe AG, the study Holzleimbau, the Association of the German timber industry, the Association of German Sawmill and Wood Industry, the Federation of German builders, architects and engineers BDB and BauNetz Media GmbH.

The full competition results document timber Germany on his website For more information about timber Germany – German Bund carpenter the Central Association of the German Construction Industry can be found here: