Two of the world’s largest wooden roller coasters, 100 meters high TimberTower

The optimisation starts with the computer program.
We supply components for cost-effective constructions with timber in a perfect quality: cnc-cutting on the Hundegger-machine, elements for timber frame constructions and for complete services, and finally the production of nail plate timber trusses. The Cordes-concept includes the products and of course the periphery: the engineering service from design to the static calculation and the assembly drawings, the delivery service to the construction site, and also the Cordes Computer Services CCS and training services. Besides this, Cordes has a focus on the complete roof and turnkey constructions, where now a number of projects have been implemented. You are wellcome to have a look at our references. Further the participation in various research projects ensures the continuing education and updating of our knowledge. The latest issues are the installation of towers for wind turbines as well as our own development: a transmission tower in timber construction.

Holzbau Deutschland Deutscher Holzfertigbauverband

Of course, the company is a long-standing guild member at Holzbau Deutschland, also at Deutscher Holzfertigbauverband (DHV). Our claim is documented by various certificates and quality marks. So the company is certified since 1996 in quality management (DIN ISO 9001) – as far as we know the first timber construction company in Germany – until now without interruption. In addition, various labels are fulfilled. Concerning timber frame constructions the production (RAL GZ-422) as well as the assembly of projects (RAL GZ-429) is monitored by an outside institute. If the assembly is included, an approval of our performance is generally demonstrated by the so-called Blower-Door-Test.

5-ZDHZER 4-RAL-422 6-RAL-429