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15. May 1933


In 1933 the company was taken over by Heinrich Cordes (II) at the age of 29 years as eldest son the carpentry and sawmill. Through a land acquisition, the company was relocated to its actual location in 1930. The premises enlarged to 16,500 square meters. Due diligence and skill carpentry and sawmill were steadily developed and expanded. Technical progress was evidenced by the installation of a steam boiler plant to supply energy for the sawmill. The first frame saw was purchased. Until the war began, the number of employees increases to 6 – 8. After the hard years of war, a new beginning could be initiated through extensive mill work for Bremer Timber-Salers. There were large quantities of logs processed in the average wage for the reconstruction of the destroyed city of Bremen. To facilitate its work, a pillar jib crane was erected. Carpentry in agricultural buildings and small settlements for refugees were created primarily. In 1964, Henry Cordes (III) is entering the company after learning carpentry and engineering studies. Due to an illness of his father, he had guided the fortunes of the company at an early stage.